Native Varietals

Our native varietals, Franconia, Moscato giallo and Moscato di Scanzo, are distinctive features making our region and its traditional wines truly unique.
We have invested in native varietals to make the most of our land and its traditions.

Though it is also grown on a very limited scale in Friuli and Veneto, the Franconia grape is particularly traditional in our area. Brought to Bergamo when the city was under Austrian rule in the nineteenth century, it has adapted perfectly to our land, to the point that its German name (Limberger) was translated into the local dialect of Bergamo as Imberghem.

Our father Carlo Pecis, who was born in 1913, planted it among the estate’s first vines in 1980 because it reminded him of his childhood: it was the local farmers’ favourite vine, because of its generosity and the fact that it produced wines ideally drunk young, so they could be sold right away.

Over the years we have come to understand that this is by no means a poor man’s grape. If cultivated with due care, it can be made into a number of different wines: first of all, the traditional young wine known as Imberghem; but also a unique, pleasing sparkling rosé made by the traditional method, Quadrifoglio; and, if the grapes are allowed to dry out just a little, a more complex wine which is aged in barriques and assembled with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon to create a truly unique wine, Soffio del Misma.