Maximus Dosaggio Zero

Quality Sparkling Wine

Spumante ottenuto con uve Pinot Bianco e Chardonnay con il tradizionale metodo classico della rifermentazione in bottiglia. Dal colore giallo carico con sfumature dorate, presenta grande ampiezza aromatica legata alla lunga permanenza sui suoi lieviti (82 mesi): fiori bianchi, spezie e crosta di pane. Ottima la struttura al palato, sapido, con buon equilibrio salino-acido; chiude cristallino e netto. Si abbina ad antipasti, primi piatti delicati e ricette di pesce.

Vintage: 2014

Alcohol content: 12°

Bottle: heavy champagne-style bottle

Cork: 30.5×48 cork

How it’s made: a sparkling wine made by the traditional method with secondary fermentation in the bottle. The wine comes from a blend of Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay grapes. The prise de mousse takes place in the month of March following the harvest, followed by a long time on the lees.

Sensory qualities: intense yellow colour with golden highlights. A sparkling wine of great aromatic breadth, the result of spending a long time on its lees: white blossoms, spices and breadcrust may be detected in its bouquet. It offers the palate plenty of structure and flavour, a good balance between flavour and freshness, closing on a clear, crystalline note.

Food pairings: best enjoyed as an aperitif, or with appetisers, delicate first courses and seafood recipes. Serve at 8° in very narrow tulip-shaped glasses.

Allergeni: contiene solfiti.

Label: this wine is dedicated to Angelo and Marialaura’s first son, Massimo, and bears the winery's logo.