The Pecis Family

Angelo has been operating the winery since 1982.
He is directly responsible for the work that goes on in the winery, aided in the vineyard by an agricultural expert.
With a degree in civil engineering, he is also a professional urban planner.
This rational background is reflected in the winery’s organisation and practicality and in the meticulous care Angelo dedicates to its products.

A high school English teacher, Marialaura has a green thumb, and it is she who receives visitors and organises events at the winery.
She is the most extroverted and creative member of the family.

With a master’s degree in managerial engineering, Massimo has undertaken a career working with a prominent company.
With outstanding organisational skills, he has an important contribution to make at key times in the season, particularly during the harvest.

A student of Viticulture and Enology, Lorenzo has loved nature ever since he was small, and contributes this propensity and his outstanding communication skills to the winery’s events and initiatives. He will undoubtedly bring new lymph and new ideas to the estate.