The Garden Vineyard

Our vineyards are precious green oases which we have proudly rescued from the process of urbanisation that has been under way in our area in recent decades.

The estate still preserves the ancient traditions of the Benedictine monks of San Paolo d’Argon, combined with modern techniques as we continue striving to achieve ever-better results.

We cultivate about five hectares of vineyards, with a focus on vines native to our region, flanked by well-known international varietals.

We adopt the methods of integrated agriculture, with techniques ensuring the preservation and safety of the environment and minimising use of synthetic chemicals.

We take meticulous care of our vineyards every day, while our work in the winery reflects and enhances the qualities of our grapes so that our wines become the utmost expression of the region where they are grown, the year of the harvest, and all the work that goes into them.

We use lightweight glass bottles for our wines, not only because they are more economical but to save on glass, exhaust gases during transportation, and fuel for recycling, demonstrating how much we care about our land and its people.